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Potential Jets: Joel Dreessen

Imagine the Jets having a tight end who can both catch and block. That sounds like a foreign concept right now. Dustin Keller, Jeff Cumberland, and Josh Baker are almost exclusively receivers. Matthew Mulligan for all of his penalties actually is a decent run blocker but adds next to nothing as a receiver. A former Jet who is a free agent to be is an honest to goodness complete tight end.

Dreessen was a sixth round pick for the Jets in the 2005 NFL Draft. Some pundits had him rated as high as the third round and projected him as a future starter. Mike Tannenbaum probably gave up on him too early, cutting him before the 2006 campaign. Dreessen caught on with the Texans a year later and slowly developed into a quality tight end.

As Houston's second tight end, Joel has registered at least 25 receptions. This past year he hauled in a team leading 6 touchdowns. Joel does not have Dustin Keller speed or athletic ability but he is a good route runner, adept at reading coverages and finding an opening. He also usually has good hands.

Dreessen is also a good blocker, a piece of Houston's second ranked rushing attack this year. At 6'4" 245 pounds, he is built more like Keller than Mulligan or Ben Hartsock, but he is effective.

Whether or not these trade rumors about Dustin Keller are true, I would not mind seeing the Jets take a long look at Dreessen. Hartsock and Mulligan were really black holes in the passing game. Defenses never had to account for them and could tee off on the run when they were in. Dreessen is a good blocker with enough skill as a receiver to force a defense to be honest. Mark Sanchez also has shown an affinity to target his tight ends. Giving him an extra weapon at the position might not be a bad idea. Joel also is a long snapper. I am not crazy about the idea of having a guy who is going to handle the football and get tackled hold down the long snapper spot because of injury risk, but he would give the team a viable backup there.

The Texans have some salary cap issues so a second tight end might not be high on their list. Dreessen figures to be affordable, though. I would not mind seeing the Jets look at bringing him back. How about you?