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John Conner: Stay or Go?

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John Conner took over as the starting fullback for the Jets in 2011. Statistics do not really exist for fullbacks so one can only really eyeball judge the position. I liked what I saw a lot from Conner. When the Jets were effectively running the football, Conner was frequently throwing key punishing blocks. It seems like he learned well from Tony Richardson. He should get better as time goes on.

It might be fashionable to blame Conner for the relative lack of success for the run game. I would argue it has more to do with the personnel packages Brian Schottenheimer used. Conner was lead blocker for just over half of the runs Jets running backs had. An offense based on the power run game will probably utilize the fullback more.

Conner did not get many carries in 2011, only 13. He did well in short yardage work. Of those 13 runs, over half resulted in a first down. I would not be against seeing him get a little more work as a power back given how hard he pounds the holes.

Conner is young, cheap, and good. I vote stay. How do you vote?