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Jets Scout the Senior Bowl

There are reports today from Jake Steinberg of SNY's that the Jets are extremely interested in Gerell Robinson, a wide receiver out of Arizona State. Steinberg goes as far as calling the Jets, "infatuated." He continued on by saying that there are reports that the Jets were seen talking to CB D'Anton Lynn from Penn State.

Robinson is a projected 4-5 round pick, is 6'4", and 222 pounds. He runs between a 4.5-4.6 40 yard dash. From NFL Mocks, here is a good scouting report on Robinson. I suggest you watch the highlight clips they have of him there.

Robinson is a versatile player with great size who can line up in a variety of different spots for Arizona State. His length allows him to really stretch the field down the seam, and he will be used in the slot sometimes as a result. He is a size mismatch with most every cornerback he faces, and he has a huge wingspan and huge hands. Really nice quickness and works the middle of the field really well. Knows how to get open and shield defenders. Doesn’t always give consistent effort in the running game, and he will drop some easy passes while making incredible catches, an inconsistency that seems to be pretty common in college receivers. Does a pretty good job of catching the ball away from his body, snatching the ball out of the air rather than letting it come into his chest or stomach. Actually is used out of the slot a lot for the Sun Devils, allowing him to get size mismatches with nickel corners and create openings on the outside for some of ASU’s other big receivers. Not overly aggressive after the catch, something you’d like to see out of a 6’4″ 225 pound kid.

Take the jump below to see what I've found on D'Anton Lynn.

Lynn is a projected 7th round pick, is 6'0", and 205 pounds. He runs a 4.53 40 yard dash. He is the son of Anthony Lynn, the Jets' running back coach, who is one of the better coaches we have on the team. Here is some good information on Lynn.

Scouts will want to see improvement from Fletcher and Penn State's D'Anton Lynn. Each struggled to keep up with the North's receivers, showing average change of direction and speed. Fletcher was turned around on several occasions early in practice before the North's quarterbacks and receivers turned their attention to Lynn. The former Nittany Lion was victimized by Cousins and Wilson often as practice wore, perhaps an indication of their comfort with his limited playing speed and awareness after having played against him in the Big Ten. - Rob Rang,

Scouting the Penn State pass defense: Penn State's all-senior secondary has been solid in its zone coverage this season; the Nittany Lions are fifth in the nation in pass defense. Cornerbacks D'Anton Lynn and Chaz Powell have good size and speed and are rarely beaten. - The Sports Xchange

I'm more interested in Robinson, he could possibly be the deep threat we desperately need. What worries me is that he's used to the slot, a position ably filled by Jeremy Kerley. I'd rather him on the edge, so he would need coaching before he's ready. I suspect Lynn is just a courtesy call for his father and that they're likely not interested. Anyway, what do you all think?

Update: Check out GGNer tinley24's evaluation of Brock Osweiler here to see more footage of Robinson.