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AFC Championship Game Thread

For the first time in three years, the Jets are not playing in the AFC Championship Game. Instead we have what must be a nightmare scenario for Rex Ryan, his former team the Ravens playing against the hated Patriots.

I think this game is decided by two words, Joe Flacco. Through his career, Flacco has received a lot of praise. He has been a lousy big game quarterback, though. His defense and run game have carried him against inferior opponents to five postseason victories. When he has needed to elevate his game against the very best, he has come up small. If Flacco can take advantage of a bad New England secondary, the Ravens will probably slow down the New England offense enough to win. I do not see any reason for this to happen now, though, when it has not happened through his career. I pick the Pats to win and go to the Super Bowl.

Leave your thoughts on this game below.