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Plax hit with $125,000 Lawsuit For 2008 Incident

This is old, old news with a new conclusion.

TMZ are reporting that Plaxico Burress has been ordered to pay $125,000 in damages, loss of earning and medical bills following a car crash in 2008. Plax rear ended Alise Smith in Florida, while driving without insurance

A woman by the name of Alise Smith filed a lawsuit in Florida back in 2008, claiming Plax rear-ended her with his Mercedes-Benz back in May 2008 ... before his infamous gun incident. Plax did not have insurance at the time.

Not massive news, but it's still related to a Jets player. 2008 was a long time ago now, but $125,000 is a hefty bit of change; especially for a guy who has no 2012 team at the moment. I'm sure he'll be able to make that back pretty quickly though.