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Bilal Powell: Stay or Go?

We all like to be able to make definitive statements evaluating the NFL. Uncertainty leaves us with little to talk about. Sometimes we really just need to wait and see. I have seen some deem Bilal Powell a bust already. That seems extremely premature. He only had one year in the league. Entering the season as the fourth running back on the depth chart, he was never going to see much time. This year was all about learning and practice for the future. He only had 14 touches as a rookie. That is way too limited of a sample size to make any judgment.

Granted, Powell's touches were not terribly impressive. He averaged 1.6 yards per rush on 13 carries. He also had a goal line fumble. I still have the same questions about him I had on Draft day. He does not look very fast. Once he gets going at full speed, he looks like a difficult guy to bring down, but it takes him a long time to accelerate. Backs who cannot get up to top speed in a hurry in the NFL usually get brought down before they have a chance to do so.

A handful of preseason and a few regular season carries are hardly enough to get a complete evaluation on a player, though. He will probably get more of a chance this coming year as the third guy on the depth chart. Maybe he will grow as a player.

I vote stay.