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Scouting The Draft: Matt Reynolds, OT BYU

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It's my opinion that you can never be too early in talking about draft prospects and the potential players that could grace your team. I'm thinking about 2013 already but obviously it's in a more general sense. Matt Reynolds is all about 2012. Yes we still have post-season games, pro days and the combine; but if you are looking at players, and especially seniors; you already have 4-5 years of evidence to make a judgement call on what they can bring to your team in the NFL. I love the combine, but I also think it is highly overrated.

So I want to look into a few prospects on the way to the draft all the way in April. I think here at GGN we like to cover every single angle. People are dedicated to free agency and people are dedicated to the draft and this gives everyone a good sense of what is available and where it is available.

So without any further delay, join me after the jump for a look at senior Matt Reynolds.

Now Matt Reynolds is a little bit different, he is already 25 years old and has spent years on a church mission in Munich, Germany. He was a highly regarded recruit (4 star) and chose BYU based on the family legacy. His father Lance was a cougar and so were his brothers Lance Jr and Dallas and his younger brother Houston is currently an offensive lineman at BYU as well.

A two time team captain, freshman all american. Married with a child.

Now I think Matt Reynolds is a higher middle round prospect, by this I think a 3rd or an early 4th is going to be needed to take him but I really think he is one of the better RT prospects in the draft in 2012.

Reynolds is 6'4 and 305 lb's and is known as an all around offensive lineman, meaning he gets out to block the run and holds up in pass protection. It's no mistake that BYU have ranked as one of the best offensive units for many years, one of those reasons is the work that the offensive line put in. They keep the QB clean and open some gaps for the running game.

Matt already has a filled out, thick frame. One of the advantages of taking a 25 year old, and he has a great head on his shoulders, a team mates first, high character guy. There is little not to like about Matt, he plays low with a solid base, keeps his hands up. Too strong to bullrush, too nimble to speed rush. He is a wide frame who quickly gets out to run block for his back, can pull on running plays and shows excellent quickness and awareness to create open lanes.

It's not all positive though, he does have a tendency to get pulled up field and some of the pass rushing moves, with power at the next level might cause some problems. Wouldn't be athletic enough to be a left tackle but his run blocking ability would make him an attractive right tackle prospect. Unfortunately offensive lineman don't have highlight reels too often, but i did find a video of his block against Tulsa this year where he worked his way back for a block after losing his helmet. It allowed the QB enough time to fire a TD pass.