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Potential Jets: Kelly Gregg

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Kelly Gregg spent the first year of his career with the Eagles in 1999. He spent 2011 with the Chiefs. He was in Baltimore from 2001 until 2010, spending a lot of time with Rex Ryan, where he was very effective at nose tackle. His success there allowed Baltimore to play Haloti Ngata at defensive end in 3-4 looks to create mismatches.

Given Gregg's experience with Rex, the 35 year old could make sense for the Jets. I think there is only one scenario where that would be, though, if Sione Pouha demands too much money in free agency. The Jets are probably not going to be willing to commit to Pouha long term. They just took Kenrick Ellis last year with the idea he is going to become the team's new nose tackle. Kenrick showed flashes of dominance during his rookie year and other flashes where he looked like a raw rookie. An offseason for the coaches to work with him will probably go a long way to making his technique more consistent. The Jets might not want to just hand him the job, though.

Gregg is certainly at an advanced age. He will be 36 halfway through next season. With him on the nose in 2011, the Chiefs were in the middle of the pack, allowing 4.2 yards per carry, 14th in the league. According to Football Outsiders, the Chiefs were only 29th in the league, allowing 4.39 yards per rush up the middle. These numbers do not speak to a guy dominating.

Gregg would be fine as a cheap part time option. If the Jets could ease Ellis into the nose tackle role by splitting snaps with Gregg, it might be a decent way to go. Limiting Gregg's snaps might keep him fresh and allow him to give more. I think this would be all right, but I prefer other alternatives if the Jets let Pouha walk.

What do you think?