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Potential Jets: Braylon Edwards

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An old friend is presently available. He would fill a need. How interested is Gang Green? Would the Jets replace Plaxico Burress with Braylon Edwards?

The reasons for wanting Edwards are obvious. He had a productive 2010 with the Jets, registering 53 catches for 904 yards and 7 touchdowns. Mark Sanchez trusted him. Sanchez threw balls up and trusted big Braylon to go get the ball in a way he never trusted Burress. Braylon is a mismatch, 6'3" 214 pounds with explosive straight line speed. He is a good run blocker for what it is worth in a receiver as the Jets go to a system that depends on the power run game. He was a perfect compliment with Santonio Holmes. When the Jets had the two of them together in 2010, the dual deep threats on the outside opened up things underneath, a great contrast with 2011 when defenses were content to only defend the first 15 yards on the field. He will also be extremely cheap coming off a down year.

The reasons for not wanting him are the same as when he left the Jets and have a lot to do with the reasons he will be extremely cheap. He has the reputation around the league as being a guy who only plays hard when he feels like it. He has a long list of off field problems, and even having a new contract hanging in the balance could not motivate him to stay out of the news for the wrong reasons. He has a diva reputation only enhanced by the way he complained on Twitter when the Jets were not trying hard enough to keep him, perhaps not the kind of personality a team that has locker room problems wants to bring in. Three teams have now been quick to get rid of him. He also did absolutely nothing to prove the Jets wrong for not giving him the multiyear deal he wanted. The 49ers thought so little of him that they simply cut him, allowing any other team in the league to pick him up for the stretch run, even when it meant starting Ted Ginn at receiver. He also has a new knee condition that needs examination.

I think Braylon's detractors are too quick to ignore the logic for bringing him back, and a certain element of the Jets fanbase is unwilling to even acknowledge the real faults Bray has that would make a reunion less than a slam dunk bet for success. On the whole, though, I think the team would be hard-pressed to find a better bargain relative to talent, need, and price. There would not be a ton of risk to signing Braylon because he is in no position to demand any kind of a big contract. Edwards certainly has been a problem child in his career, but Rex Ryan seems to have been the one coach to get through to him.

I think the Jets should take a long look at Braylon. I am not sure whether they will. I tend to think if they were not willing to go after him even after a good 2010, they might not after his bad 2011. I think if both sides are honest, they will realize that splitting up was good for neither of them. I understand the Jets not giving him a big deal, but at a bargain price, he is certainly worth considering.

What do you think?