Player Evaluation Brock Osweiler QB Arizona ST ( Edited )

This is my first attempt at one of these types of posts so please bear with me if i screw anything up. The guys i have decided to try and give an evaluation is Brock Osweiler , a QB in this years draft.

In the above film you should be able to see what he can do well and what parts of his game he needs to improve . As a bonus we also get to see DE Whitney Mercilus playing almost every snap of an entire game .

Osweiler has got great measurables for a nfl QB , at 6' 8" the guy is a man mountain but he also isn't too bad on the ground with a 40 time of 4.70 . He looks like he has very good arm strenght and although there are some aspects of his game he would need to work on namely his decision making , pocket presence and blitz pickup he has got lots of positives that giving some coaching could be a very good pickup for any team looking to develop a QB.

Last year Osweiler completed 63 percent of his passes for 4,036 yards with 26 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. He also ran for 298 yards and three touchdowns. He hasn't played behind a wonderful O-line and the passing game was the main focus of his teams offense and i think he has done a good job in that respect .

How would he fit into the Jets team ? I see him as a cheap option as a replacement for Brunell.

Can he push Sanchez ? Not at the start but i think going into the future he could well become serious competition for Sanchez if giving the right coaching and some time to develop.

I see picking up a guy like this as a low risk high reward type of pickup that could be a starter 2 or 3 years down the line or maybe we could flip him for some decent draft picks going into the future .

There you have it guys . feel free to tell me what you think below . cheers

EDIT : I found some more game film on Osweiler and i hope it might give you guys a better understanding of the type of skills the guy posseses.

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