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Rex Ryan Speaks

Although I was not privileged enough to be on the phone conference call with Rex this morning with season ticket holders, or able to hear him on WFAN with Mike Francesa, I did see some clips on Twitter that were interesting. These are all from Rich Cimini and Jenny Vrentas.

Ryan on Leonhard: "He is a quick healer but this is a serious injury. Time will tell if he is able to come back or not."

Rex praised Braylon. Although he didn't specifically say whether Jets would want him back, he underscores importance of getting deep threat.

Rex said verbiage of Schottenheimer's system was "a little much" for him to be actively involved in offense.

Ryan says Sparano offensive system has less verbiage than Schotty system, will be easier for Sanchez to handle.

Ryan: "For me to be most effective, I gotta be sitting in the classroom." More hands-on approach.

Ryan says he coached differently this year, trying to be more of a figurehead HC

Take from this what you will. At the very least, we can be happy that Rex is acknowledging his mistakes. He's still a young head coach. It took Belichick a failed attempt in Cleveland to get the hang of it. Hopefully Rex will figure it out here, but this is a good start. Here is a good article by Manish Mehta on Rex today.