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Jets In London: One Reason Why It Would Benefit This Team.

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There are several reasons why the Jets playing in London is a great thing for the team and for the franchise. For one it is classed as an away game so the home fans don't miss out, second added exposure means added revenue. More money coming into the team is never a bad thing. However there is a more direct reason why it would be great for this team in particular:

When you look at where we are right now as a team, it is nice to be able to get away and come here, and be able to sort of regroup as a team internally," head coach Mike Singletary said.

Its this quote right here that makes me believe that a trip abroad might be one of the best advantages for this fractured team. Now let me just say that I sure do hope that there are no locker room issues by the time October comes around but I think there are so many problems here, a weekend retreat wouldn't be the worst idea.

For anyone who works in an office environment or anything like that, I am confident that you have been on team building exercises or just work nights out, if you have you will probably know that when you get outsi your comfort zone and leave the work behind, you can really develop a lot of chemistry and change a lot of opinions.

A lot of people attributed the lack of a training camp up in Cortland as a problem this year, players bunking together like college, hanging out as units and genally becoming closer. I don't think team chemistry can ever be underestimated and the news that Cortland will be back will be welcome. However this is an added bonus mid-season. Just in case the work done in Cortland starts to rub off and problems start to arise.

Every year when the London game is shown, there is hours of build up with footage of the teams exploring the city, and every single team is having a great time. Laughing, joking and forming connections, it's a proven mechanism. I'm sure there are good reasons why a lot of you don't want to see the Jets in London. Obviously I'm hugely in favour of this and I think not only does it benefit the franchise long term, it benefits the team in the short term. I sure hope it becomes official.