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Incompetence Illustrated

This thing is like an onion: the more layers you peel, the more it stinks! -George Costanza

The further we are removed from today's ridiculous press conference, the more infuriating it is. Earlier today, I went over the three possibilities for the team keeping Brian Schottenheimer. Either the team really wants to keep him, they are just being nice to try and help him get a head coaching job, or the team is hoping to not have to pay his salary. Under none of these circumstances will this team come out looking good.

If the first scenario is true, this regime will just never get it. If a season where a putrid offense and a prized quarterback's development stopping does not convince the Jets Schottenheimer is the wrong man for the job, nothing will. The goal is to win a Super Bowl, not to try and win a Super Bowl with Brian Schottenheimer.

The second would be just as infuriating. The New York Jets do not exist to advance Brian Schottenheimer's career. Schottenheimer has been paid handsomely for poor results. Let's say for a second it is true, though. There was zero reason to have this press conference. Do you think the Jaguars or any other team is going to base its decision on words Mike Tannenbaum says in a press conference? Are we seriously to believe that is a deciding factor? If we can figure out how transparent this is, don't you think an NFL front office is going to be able to do that? All this press conference served to do in this case is infuriate a loyal fanbase. The Jets could have just stayed quiet until Jacksonville made a decision.

The third would just be cheap. The NFL's salary cap is $120 million. The Jets rip fans off with ridiculous ticket price increases and absurd PSL's. The team is seriously going to claim it needs to pinch pennies over a coordinator's salary? Nobody thought the coordinator even deserved that contract anyway.

That's plenty of ammo against this ridiculous press conference even before we get to Rex Ryan addressing Santonio Holmes' behavior by claiming that naming any captains in general was a mistake. No, making a diva malcontent receiver a captain was a mistake. Are we having this discussion if LaDainian Tomlinson was a captain?

Only a team that employs a guy in public relations like Jared Winley, who allegedly helped create the Jenn Sterger and Inez Sainz controversies, could pull off such a needless PR fiasco. It is amazing how quickly an NFL franchise can go from well-run to a disaster.