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Brian Schottenheimer to Return in 2012 Unless He Gets Head Coaching Job; Jets Are Apparently Run by Incompetent Boobs

In today's press conference, Mike Tannenbaum (Larry) announced to the press that he expects Brian Schottenheimer to return in 2012 unless he gets a head coaching job.

There are only three possible explanations for this Mickey Mouse organization to announce this.

1. They honestly believe Schottenheimer is the right guy for the job.

2. They are doing Schottenheimer a favor and not firing him until he hears whether he gets a head coaching job.

3. They are really, really cheap and hope another team hires him as head coach so they do not have to pay for his ill advised extension.

No matter what, I am now of the opinion this franchise needs to clean house. Mike Tanennbaum and Rex Ryan (Curley) do not get it. This is not the sixth grade. This is a business. If a guy is not doing the job, you fire him. You don't be nice in case he can get a better job. You owe it to your team and to your fans to pull the trigger so you can move on as quickly as possible. There are candidates available who might not be there next week. That is why teams like Tampa Bay and St. Louis quickly pulled the trigger today when it was clear things were not working.

Woody Johnson (Moe) was not at this press conference.

My only advice is to speak with your wallet if you are not happy. It is the only language this organization understands. Cancel your tickets, and do not give this Mickey Mouse operation a dime more.

Also click here to contact the Mickey Mouse organization and tell them what you think of this decision.

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