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Rex Ryan and Mike Tannenbaum Press Conference Open Thread

Edit: Press conference will also be on SNY.

This is a thread to discuss Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan's joint press conference scheduled for 3:00 PM in Florham Park. Tannenbaum was not originally supposed to be part of this. This leads one to believe something is up. It seems likely the team will announce Brian Schottenheimer's termination and perhaps other shakeups to the offensive coaching staff. If that is not the case, the Jets will have one (justifiably) irate fanbase and a potential fan mutiny on their hands. There is no reason to wait. There is nothing to consider or evaluate. The issues are as clear as day to anybody watching this team.

The disaster that was the 2011 season will also likely be discussed in detail.

You can catch the press conference on the official team website. Click the link, and you should be able to find your way there.

Leave your thoughts below on the press conference.