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Mike Smith to Be Promoted to Outside Linebackers Coach

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According to Manish Mehta, the Jets are already shaking up the coaching staff. Intern Mike Smith will replace Jeff Weeks as outside linebackers coach.

Sources: First coaching move by Jets: Intern Mike Smith, who was instrumental in reviving A. Maybin's career, will be hired as new OLB coach

Manish wrote a feature on Smith's work last month.

The intern helped compartmentalize Maybin’s workload. He told him to shelve most of his pass-rush moves and focus on his speed rush. Soon, they focused on his up-and-under move, which worked to perfection in a game-sealing sack against the Redskins. Maybin’s grasp of the defense grew at a faster rate than the coaching staff believed possible thanks, in part, to Smith’s tutelage.

"He probably spends more time than a whole lot of the other coaches on all the small parts of everyday practice that people don’t even recognize," Maybin says. "On top of that, he’s spending hours upon hours working with me. Obviously, I’m grateful for a reason. He’s gone above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to me. He’s definitely done a lot as far as helping to bring me along that he didn’t have to do. He knows how good I want to be and I think he wants to help me get there."

Hopefuly Smith can help some of the other outside backers develop more as pass rushers because late in the year, the Jets could not get anything done in that department. The Giants stuck Eli Manning in the shotgun to pass on three straight plays leading up to Victor Cruz's 99 yard touchdown because the Jets were so anemic rushing the passer.