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Rex Ryan Got Emotional in Speech This Morning

Rex Ryan apparently cried in a speech to the team this morning according to Jenny Vrentas.

Rex Ryan cried when addressing team this morning. Rex "pleaded" with players to be a team, said they must come back and build a team.

It starts at the top. The head coach cannot beg his guys to think team first. He needs to instill discipline. It should not have waited until the last game of the year to drop the hammer and bench Santonio Holmes if he was causing problems all year. It should not have been the offensive coordinator to do it. The player causing problems should not have been able to maintain his captain status. Holmes might have a big contract, but there are ways to hold him accountable. Make practice miserable on him. Make him sprint the entire time. Do something.

This is puzzling to me because Rex has disciplined players in the past for not putting the team first like David Clowney, Marques Murrell, and James Ihedigbo. Maybe he is more hesistant to do so with his stars, but that needs to change.

We are sure to hear plenty about chemistry issues in the coming days as an explanation for this disappointing year. I think it is going to be overblown, though. I still think we aren't having this discussion if the team has a quarterback who can hit the broad side of a barn.