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Biggest Off-Season Move is Internal Change

I don't just mean changing the coaching staff or the playing staff but changing the way this teams acts and behaves. Internal combustion is the aspect of this season that we should all be worried about. Holmes may have been the oxidising element which caused the explosion but the team were doomed from the start, there is a big broom at the Jets compound which has been busy sweeping the problems under the rug.

Tim Smith of the NY Daily News had it spot on this morning with this article; where he comments:

This goes to the core of what the Jets were under Ryan this year — dysfunctional underachievers. Forget about being a playoff caliber team. The Jets were never a team. They were an assemblage of talented pieces who went out with a decent game plan on most weeks and were fortunate to win as many as they lost.

That's the whole problem right there, this isn't a team at all, it's a dysfunctional selection of players who want to look after number one. Team building, team bonding and open lines of communication will be what this off-season needs to be about.

I'm confident that no team in the league has a 53 man roster who all get on, skipping through fields of daisies holding hands humming I'm so pretty (at least I hope not). However you need to learn how to coexist. Rex preaches the one goal of a Superbowl championship but is enough being done to promote a united team that is capable of reaching that goal?

I still think Rex is a great head coach, but his whole if I don't say we are going to win the Superbowl then I am a loser, and if you don't like it you are a loser thing is beyond ridiculous. Ask Bill Belichick if he is a loser, he has three Superbowl rings without a bold proclamation in training camp. How about Mike McCarthy fresh off a Championship...nope didn't think so. I think the team is reflecting the Head Coaches attitude right now, and for me that is not the best thing.

Early in the season you hear of players going to Rex to complain about the offensive game plan of Schotty, and I stress the plural of players. I would hate to think what happened in team meetings this year after going through losses. The bottom line is I think there is a serious shortfall internally with the organisation in regards to team building.