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Brian Schottenheimer: Stay or Go?

We will have profiles on all of the key people for the Jets as the offseason progresses, but I am anticipating an announcement about offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer's fate soon so we will start with him.

Schottenheimer's record speaks for itself. In four of his six years as offensive coordinator, the Jets have finished with an offense ranked in the 20's. He builds his system around the team he wishes he had instead of one around the strengths of his players. He relies on nonsensical gadgets to fool the opposition. There is no coherent theme to build upon from week to week. These are not just Mark Sanchez things either. They have been going on his entire tenure. I have plenty of examples. Remember how back in 2008 with a struggling Brett Favre and Thomas Jones leading the AFC in rushing a staple of the offense was going five wide on third and short?

His work with Mark Sanchez looks like malpractice on the surface. Sanchez looks less comfortable with his third year over than he did at the end of his first or second years. Sanchez seems unsure of himself and what to do on the field. He has had so many different contradictory messages beaten into him that he seems to be overthinking and not trusting what he sees when making decisions. When Sanchez struggles reading coverage shells, the answer is to give Mark Brunell first team reps to motivate him. When Sanchez makes mistakes, the answer is to color code his risk taking plays. The response to his mistakes is to tell him, "Don't make mistakes."

I have seen some defend Schottenheimer. I have never heard anybody give any sort of explanation beyond, "He's a good coach," and "Sanchez is horrible." The second might very well be, but nothing from his work before Sanchez was the quarterback suggests the first is true.

I vote go. How do you vote?