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It's Official: The Front Office is Filled With Trolls

Manish Mehta is reporting via Twitter that the plan as of now for the Jets is to keep QB Coach Matt Cavanaugh through 2012. Clearly, the FO are just trying to troll all of their fans.

You may have heard of Matt Cavanaugh. The Offensive Coordinator at Pitt who started Tyler Palko over Joe Flacco. The Offensive Coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens who, despite winning a Super Bowl, led one of worst offenses in modern history with Trent Dilfer. And the one who, for the past several years, has completely failed to develop Mark Sanchez into a viable franchise quarterback.

Seriously? This is the guy that the Jets are planning on keeping? Good, they threw out Brian Schottenheimer, but to even suggest that they keep Cavanaugh is an insult to any person who has watched the Jets in the past three years. Let's hope it's all a joke and the Jets actually find someone competent. Like a monkey. Or a dead raccoon. Because I honestly think those options could teach Sanchez a few more tricks at quarterback than Cavanaugh has been able to.