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Woody Johnson: "Holmes Will Be Back"

Manish Mehta has been tweeting some comments from Jets owner Woody Johnson, I have copied a few tweets below to read:

Woody Johnson says Santonio Holmes will definitely be on Jets in 2012. "He may be one of the best players we've ever had

Will Jets pursue Peyton Manning? Woody Johnson says he has confidence in Sanchez, but "We're going to look at every possibility

Woody Johnson: "You always try to take care of your QB. They probably coddle Tom Brady and all the other great QBs in the league."

Woody Johnson confident Sanchez-Holmes rift can be fixed: "One is good for the other. They have a good reason to iron this thing out."

There are many more that you can read but these were the most important. I usually cringe when I listen to owners talk about their teams, normally they are the "money" but really don't know a great deal about the day to day events of the team. How clued in is Woody, I really don't know. However I agree with pretty much everything that was said, I don't think it's viable to cut Holmes, and if used properly he will make Sanchez better. We should pursue all options, I think there is a difference between protecting your QB and coddling a QB. I think the first can be said in relation to the Patriots and the second in relation to the Jets.

Do you have any problems with what Woody said, remember to check out Manish's feed for the rest of the quotes.