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Flight Connections 01-19-12

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JetNation: Can HC Rex Ryan regain control?

New York Times: RB LaDainian Tomlinson sheds further light on the turmoil. Interestingly, I didn't see a mention of the offensive coordinator's role in all this.

Pro Football Focus: CB Darrelle Revis allowed the lowest completion percentage.

The Northwest Missourian writes about hometown boy TE Josh Baker.

The Eagle Tribune writes about hometown boy, former Jets TE Jermaine Wiggins.

Former Jets RT Damien Woody conceded he would have been physically unable to participate.

Former Jets P Steve Weatherford will play in a third straight conference championship game.

Former Jets DE Huey Richardson is headed in the right Direxion.

Apparently, the owner of Planet Fitness is a former Jet.

SBN New York: The Jets can find hope for the future in the Giants' past. What the Jets can learn from the playoffs.

UK Jets: The sky is not falling.

Legend of CG: Great NFL playoff interviews.

The Jets Blog is brought to you by the number 97.

Daily News: NJ Governor Chris Christie wants the Giants Super Bowl parade in New Jersey. That's as ridiculous as naming your child Chris if your last name is Christie.