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Todd Haley Is Not Coming to New York Jets

Manish Mehta says Todd Haley is not coming to the Jets.

There was speculation that Haley would team up with new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano, who coached with him in Dallas, but it appears unlikely that will happen now. A source told the News that the Jets and Haley came to “a mutual decision” in recent days.

So that stinks. Haley would not have been a slam dunk hire. He certainly done not have a flawless track record when it comes to developing quarterbacks and passing games, but he is certainly head and shoulders above Brian Schottenheimer and probably Tony Sparano. His in your face style also seems needed on this team from an authority figure.

That leaves Tony Sparano on his own with the offense. Color me unexcited about that one. Brian Schottenheimer was terrible. Don't get me wrong. Simply getting rid of him is not going to suddenly fix this team's offensive problems, though. The Jets needed to find somebody with a track record of producing high quality passing attacks. Now they instead have a guy with the history of doing the opposite.