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Flight Connections 01-18-12

Sports Reference opposes SOPA.

Don't know what that is? Check out Wikipedia for an explanation. (Oops! You can't because it's blacked out. Actually, it's not. It's the only thing that's accessible there today.)

CB Darrelle Revis and KR Joe McKnight make ProFootballWeekly's All-NFL Team. H/T MachlinT.

WR DaMarcus Ganaway has signed on with the team.

The Daily News asks which players you would like to stay or go.

ESPN New York analyzes the offensive linemen.

The Jets Blog self-scouts the restricted free agents.

Mike Tanier writes about this year's postseason without Gang Green. He blatantly fails to realize that the Jets were very respectful of the Steelers heading into last years AFCCG.

The Giants' win streak began with a victory of the Jets.

Former Jets DB Jerome Henderson will be the Cowboys' DB Coach.

Former Jets LB Matt Finkes will speak at a church next month.

This song is dedicated to Ganaway:

Relive some good moments from the Monday Night Miracle (during another playoff-less season):

Some members have mentioned wanting to see more of the Flight Crew, so here they are on a calendar shoot: