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East - West Shrine Game Practise Notes

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Evening everyone, its been quite a busy 24-48 hours on GGN with all the votes about potential players and which of the current crop we should be showing to the door. However at the moment a group of prospects are working out down in Florida in front of numerous scouts ahead of this weekends game which pits some of the top talent on the East coast against some of the top talent on the West coast. Hence the name.

So for the last 48 hours I have been trying to keep up with the prospects impressing and the ones falling short. All prospects measured in yesterday, this is where we see a few QB's lose a couple of inches from their height and lineman have a few extra pounds they are carrying.

Join me after the jumps for the team rosters (the game can be seen on NFL Network this weekend so pick out some players to watch for the Jets now)

So with anything related to the draft, there is a lot of interest here for the Jets and every other NFL team. So I have put together some practise notes that I have read from tweets from the event, NFL news, NFP news, SI news and any other news that I happened to have stumbled across. reported that Shaun Prater the CB from Iowa has really stood out in one on one drills. Good footwork, movement and play making ability. Awareness and positioning. They are suggested that one AFC East scout said that they would be re-evaluating their mid round grade on Prater. Most have him as a 3rd to 5th round prospect. However good performances in post season games, pro days and the combine can rocket any prospects stock, so i wouldn't be surprised to see Prater grade out at a later 2nd round pick when all is said and done.

They have also advised that Najee Goode of West Virginia is a player to watch this weekend.

A.J Jenkins from has made a less than impressive start according to the National Football Posts Wes Bunting who commented that he was struggling running through his breaks and setting up his routes, also failing to gain much separation. Another receiver who I have heard is struggling to get separation is B.J Cunningham of Michigan State. Wes Bunting also commented that Jarius Wright suffered a little with the dropsies. Wright has a lot to prove this week so it's not the best start.

Tauren Poole is impressing with his ability to hit the hole and accelerate through, a good north to south runner who is being touted as a solid number two at the NFL level. OLB Kyle Wilber from Wake Forrest hasn't stood out in practise according to the day two notes and in relation to pass rushers, the East coast squad doesn't have a great deal to offer.

Please CLICK HERE for the rosters this year. There are plenty of players I will be keeping an eye out for, here are five from each team. Let me know who you are most looking forward to seeing and are there any diamonds here from your college team that maybe are not getting the spotlight.

DW's East Coast Watch List

Tauren Poole - RB - Tennessee

B.J Cunningham- WR - Michigan State

Jeff Adams- OT - Columbia

Najee Goode- LB - West Virginia

Nicholas Jean-Baptiste- DT - Baylor

DW's West Coach Watch List

Shaun Prater - DB- Iowa

Junior Hemingway- WR - Michigan

Lennon Creer - RB- Louisiana Tech

Jarius Wright - WR- Arkansas

Tank Carder - LB - TCU