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Kevin O'Connell: Stay or Go?

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Kevin O'Connell was not supposed to be a Jet in 2011. The team was caught shorthanded at the end of preseason, though. A hand injury suffered by Greg McElroy left the team with just two quarterbacks. Fresh off a cup of coffee with Miami, the Jets turned to O'Connell seeking a cheap third quarterback who already knew the playbook.

O'Connell impressed nobody during his time with the Jets since the team acquired him in 2009. His limited preseason action produced really off target throws, showing few signs of development. The team had already cut him twice before his 2011 return. The idea was to try and turn him into a viable backup for Mark Sanchez and hopefully turn him into enough of a commodity to flip him off for a Draft pick before he hit the open market like Matt Cassel. It never happened.

There really is no spot for the pending free agent O'Connell on the roster in 2012. The Jets are likely to carry three quarterbacks. Mark Sanchez will probably be one. Greg McElroy, the youngster the team will try and develop the way O'Connell never could, will probably be another. The third will likely be somebody to push Sanchez.

I vote go. How do you vote?