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Mark Brunell: Stay or Go?

The signing of Mark Brunell two years ago as backup quarterback never made a tremendous amount of sense. We are approaching a decade since Brunell played quality football. For a team that did a lot of talk about going to the Super Bowl, being one hit away from Brunell starting at quarterback was awfully risky.

Brunell's role was mainly to serve as a mentor to Mark Sanchez. There were plenty of veterans capable of both mentoring Sanchez and playing a decent quarterback. Maybe the Jets wanted Sanchez to not feel threatened. Maybe they were worried about the potential of having the switchboard of WFAN light up the second Sanchez had a bad game if a viable backup was in town. In any event, they got a guy who was way past his prime. Brunell can barely throw. In limited action against the Eagles, he tossed some of the ugliest balls you will ever see, way off the mark with little velocity.

The Jets need a better backup quarterback next year. I think part of it is simply to push Sanchez and make him earn his starting job. A bigger reason, though, is this team needs a guy it can plug in if Sanchez shows he is not up to the task of leading this team. The unrestricted free agent, Brunell, should not come back.

I vote go. How do you vote?