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Brian Schottenheimer Will be St Louis Rams New OC


No givesies backsies!

From the NFL: Brian Schottenheimer aka B.S. will be the offensive coordinator of the Rams next season, it is more or less official, and they are just waiting on the contract to be signed. Use this post playoff super thread to grieve for the Rams and their young (formerly) promising QB Sam Bradford.

Fisher and Schottenheimer, the New York Jets' former offensive coordinator, spent Sunday night at dinner discussing the position.

NFL Network insider Jason La Canfora reported that Schottenheimer's interview with the Rams began Sunday morning, two days after he talked with the University of Alabama about its offensive coordinator vacancy.

I've always had a lot of respect for Jeff Fisher and his impressive and long lived tenure as an NFL coach. But man, what was he thinking? According to most of the press affiliates, one of the reasons Fisher chose the Rams over the Dolphins was to take the deal where he thought he would have greater control. So you know for a fact that Fisher weighed in heavily on the decision, and probably pulled the trigger himself after their man-date today. I hope Brian bought Jeff steak or lobster or something first, because he just got screwed.

Perhaps Fisher concentrated on the two years where the offense under B.S. didn't completely stink and rank in the bottom 10. Either that or he signed him on the interview and reputation alone and just didn't bother looking into Schotty's track record. Those are the only two explanations I can fathom. It is worth noting that like many on GGN, I am biased towards Schottenheimer, and perhaps Fisher knows something I do not. Perhaps Schotty Jr. will be a great fit for them, but I doubt it.

Good riddance and all that. I don't wish him poorly, but man is it good to have some change, even if it isn't exactly what I wanted. While he never realistically would have gotten a job coaching for one of our rivals, I'd much rather see him far less than have Schotty be a potential detriment to a more familiar team. Out of sight, out of mind. Woo Hoo.