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New York Giants at Green Bay Packers Game Thread

We cap the second weekend of the NFL Playoffs with an anticipated battle between the Giants and the Packers, a rematch of a regular season game that went down to the last second. Everybody says this game will come down to the New York pass rush. They are right. Aaron Rodgers is playing on a different level this year. Any hopes of slowing him down rely on getting to him and making him uncomfortable. If they can generate a pass rush, the Giants have a shot to stay in the game. If not, it will be a Green Bay blowout probably.

The Giants are getting a lot of love heading into this game. They are playing really well, but I think it is very difficult to pick against a 15-1 defending champion playing at home. I pick the Packers to win and move on to the NFC Championship Game.

Leave your thoughts below.