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Blast from the Past: Roger Donnahoo, Defensive Back

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Continuing our Blast from the Past Series. Still with the 1960 New York Titan team, we are switching focus onto the other side of the ball. Roger Donnahoo who played just one year for the New York Titans in their inaugural season in 1960. It really is a little tragic as Doonahoo had a very good year in 1960 and looked to be heading to a very good career in the AFL.

Drafted by the Jets out of Michigan State; the defensive back stood at 6’0 and 185 lb’s. He started all 14 games his rookie season and brought down 5 interceptions returning them for a combined 89 yards. He also recovered a fumble for a touchdown. Unfortunately in 1960 stats were not recorded as closely as today so there is little more to read on Donnahoo.

He was the franchise’s first number #35 and had an interception in the franchise’s first ever game against the Buffalo Bills. He sustained a bad shoulder injury in the 1961 pre-season and fractured his sternum at the same time. I have read that he did this trying to tackle big full back Jim Joyce but I’m not sure if that is true.

He was released by the New York Titans after failing to recover from that injury, and since then he has dropped off the map. I believe he may be living in Riverview Michigan but as far as I can research, the 1960 season was his only contribution to pro football. It seems a shame after such a promising start to the cornerbacks career that he either decided that he no longer wanted to play football, or the injury just didn’t allow him to.