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Denver Broncos at New England Patriots Game Thread

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Today's first game was even better than advertised. In tonight's second game, we are all Tebow(!) fans. Not a whole lot makes sense about this run from Denver. Maybe Tebow(!) has another miracle in him. Why not? This guy can average over 30 yards a completion, constantly take advantage of opponents making absurd mistakes, and make a portion of people following the NFL think a guy who cannot hit 50% of his passes can be successful in this league. All he has to do is beat Tom Brady in Foxborough in an elimination game.

I think more likely is the Pats jumping way out in front, forcing Denver to abandon the run, and making this one very ugly. New England is my pick, but we can all hope for one more week of Tebow Magic (tm).

Leave your thoughts on this AFC postseason battle below. May the power of Tebow(!) compel Denver to yet another upset.