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Sanjay Lal Hired as WR Coach

To replace Henry Ellard, the Jets have hired Sanjay Lal as the new WR coach. Lal is the current receivers coach for the Oakland Raiders, so he has experience with young speedsters like Darrius Heyward-Bey and Denarius Moore. Lal has held that position since 2009. Before that, Lal had experience as a QB and WR coach at several other programs.

I am pretty happy with this move, for this reason. I believe the team needs an influx of new, young ideas to move forward. The team had grown stagnant and it's good to see them bringing in help from the outside. Hopefully Lal will have good ideas on making the offense more explosive. Not every coach is going to be a household name, and maybe this is a sign Hue Jackson will be joining the team. Who knows. In any case, while this isn't an incredible move, and it remains to be seen if Lal wil be able to stand up to Santonio Holmes, I think this is a good move.