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Explosive, Stretching the Field, Physical Running

Now we are starting to look forward instead of looking to 2011, Sparano spoke for the first time about his new role with the Jets today and expressed the desire for every player to have a clean slate coming into 2012. He also made some comments about what kind of offence he would like to build in New York:

"It's one of the reasons I think that Rex and I have come together here, and he gave me a great opportunity to come here," Sparano said. "This is a physical football team; I like playing a physical style of offense. I think anybody that knows me knows I want to be physical. ... We’ll be explosive, we’ll be able to get it down the field, we’ll do all those things. But I learned a lesson a long time ago about how you win and lose in this league, and I believe you have to have some element of running the football."

This is the offence that the Jets are built for. We do need that receiver in the Braylon mold to be able to stretch the field. Saying that we are a physical football team, you do have to be able to run the football with the weather on the East Coast but you still need that passing attack to win in this league. We need to wait for Tony to deliver but he is certainly making the right noises.

You can read the rest of the comments here from the Jenny Vrentas article. Some other highlights include forming an identity so no player was surprised with the gameplan, which I took to mean that the days of full back shifts and numerous motions are a thing of the past. Less complicated. Rex Ryan added that they were similar minded coaches who believed in two things; running the football and protecting the quarterback.

I know that some people have their reservations about Sparano, but I have to say that I am looking forward to getting back to going out and hitting someone in the mouth on every play.