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Jeff Fisher Will Not Coach Miami Dolphins

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There is a bit of news from a division rival today. Former Titans head coach Jeff Fisher has chosen to become head coach of the St. Louis Rams. He also had an offer from the Miami Dolphins.

Jeff Fisher will coach the St. Louis Rams next season, a league source tells ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

I consider this a bullet dodged. I always thought Fisher was an excellent coach in Tennessee. His career started out with a bunch of so-so teams, but he eventually built the Titans into a consistent winner. The team hit cap hell in the middle of the last decade, but in a few years, Fisher had them back in the Playoffs even with Vince Young and Kery Collins at quarterback. I have also heard from people around the league that he is very well respected for how thorough he is.

That is a bit of good news. I was not happy to think of having him in the divison.