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Bill Callahan Will Also Be Dallas Cowboys' Offensive Coordinator

From the NFL; former Jets offensive line coach Bill Callahan will also be the offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys in addition to offensive line coaching duties. This job is the one calorie cola of coordinator jobs in the NFL, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has largely held all duties of OC since the mid-season departure of Wade Phillips in 2010. Even if Garrett doesn't continue play calling for the Cowboys offense, he will have a strong influence on the Cowboys performance.

It isn't known whether the job title is a perk being afforded to Callahan, or if Jerry Jones and friends are dissatisfied with the offense under Garrett. In my opinion, Callahan is a loss for the Jets, and the Cowboys were wise to scoop him up.

But what do you think? Was a clean break with all of the offensive coaches what was needed, or should the Jets have done what the Cowboys ultimately elected to do when we passed it up? While Sparano seems line-oriented, and brings a unique identity to the offense that is desperately needed under defensive minded coach Rex Ryan, I'm less than thrilled about the team he ran in Miami. It seems like all of his success came in the one season where the Jets and Patriots both imploded. Todd Haley possibly following Tony to the Jets carried a lot of the appeal of a Sparano signing to me, and now that's not looking as promising as previously thought.

Who would you prefer as your OC, Sparano or Callahan? Either team is likely to see an increase in ground and pound style football, but which guy would you rather have running your offense?