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New York Jets Interviewed David Lee for Coaching Position

Cimini reports the Jets interviewed David Lee, Tony Sparano's quarterbacks coach in Miami for a coaching job.

Lee spent three seasons on Sparano's staff in Miami (2008-2010) before moving on last year to become the offensive coordinator at Ole Miss. In 2008, Lee was named "Innovator of the Year" by the Sporting News for introducing the Wildcat offense to the NFL.

With all kinds of speculations surrounding Matt Cavanaugh's job, it seems possible the Jets are looking at Lee for the same position he used to hold under Sparano, quarterbacks coach. There is certainly no harm in interviewing him, but I really hope the Jets go in a different direction. Ole Miss was terrible this year, and I think it is difficult to argue that Lee did a very good job during his last stint in the NFL with Chad Henne. I think the Jets need a guy with a track record of success, not a track record of mediocrity to turn Mark Sanchez around.