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Brian Schottenheimer Was Pushed Out the Door

This does not exactly fall under the category of shocking, but our dear friend Florio has further information on Brian Schottenheimer's departure.

The Jets owed Schottenheimer more than $3 million over the next two years, and it’s unlikely that he’d walk away from that money. The source says the Jets created the impression that Schottenheimer would be back and otherwise talked him up in the hopes that he’d be hired elsewhere — and that the Jets would be off the hook for the buyout.

I wouldn't be surprised if we later find out that the two parties made some sort of deal where the Jets agreed to not torpedo his chances of getting the Jaguars job by not firing him if Schottenheimer agreed to walk away from some of the money in the event he did not get the job.

I still hope we eventually find out the party or parties who thought it was a good idea to give him that extension in the first place.