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New York Jets Reportedly to Sign Tony Sparano as Offensive Coordinator

In a night where the New York Jets have made several changes to their coaching staff, none have been bigger than this. First, coaches Henry Ellard and Jeff Weeks were reported to be leaving the team. Next, offensive line coach and assistant head coach Bill Callahan left the Jets for the Dallas Cowboys. After that, much reviled offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer stepped down from his position. Finally, Tony Sparano, the former head coach of the Miami Dolphins and offensive line coach, is now being reported to be the next offensive coordinator of the Jets by Chris Mortenson.

With Bill Callahan to Cowboys & Brian Schottenheimer leaving, next anticipated move is hiring former Dolphins coach Tony Sparano as OC

Tony Sparano has been first in line for Jets in event of this move, per league sources. Expect an announcement by Wednesday.

Jason LaCanfora has since confirmed Mort's initial report, saying:

Jets plan to hire Tony Sparano as offensive coordinator with Brian Schottenheimer leaving. Schottenheimer exploring other options

There are some benefits to this move, such as an automatic replacement of Bill Callahan. With Henry Ellard gone, I wouldn't be surprised to see Todd Haley signed in the coming days as the new WR coach.

Please tell us in the comments below what you think of this move.