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WR Coach Henry Ellard Will Not Return in 2012

Last week, Manish Mehta reported that Mike Smith, the Jet intern who coached Aaron Maybin to glory, will become the outside linebackers coach. Now, he is reporting that WR coach Henry Ellard will not return to coach with the Jets in 2012. Previously, Ellard was most famous for "curing" Braylon Edwards of the drops, by teaching him to better focus and track the ball over his shoulder. This year, with the receiving corps in disarray, this move is not a surprise. Not including Santonio Holmes' infamous behavior this season, the receivers in general seemed to be unable to gain separation or remain focused on the game at hand. Some of that can be blamed on the players themselves, and the rest on the coaches. Ellard is undoubtedly the fall guy for this, deserved or not.

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Update: Jenny Vrentas is reporting that the Jets may try and get Todd Haley as the new WR coach. However, the jump from head coach to position coach is a big downgrade and they might not be able to get him for that reason. That would be awesome, in my humble opinion.