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Potential OC Targets: Tom Clements, Green Bay Packers QB Coach

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Continuing my look at some of the people I would like the Jets to bring in for an interview. Next up is Tom Clements, the 58 year old Quarterbacks coach for the Green Bay Packers. Having worked with Brett Favre, Matt Flynn and probably most importantly Aaron Rodgers; Clements is quickly building a reputation as a great developer of QB talent. His attention to detail, and work in the film room in preparing his Quarterbacks is something that may sound pretty enticing to a Jets organization that is confident it has the franchise Quarterback. Sanchez needs to develop and the main area he needs to improve on is his ability to read defences. I don’t have any doubt that Clements could assist him in doing this.

However this position is not just to work with the Quarterbacks, if he was hired he would need to take on a lot more responsibility across the board. He did hold the offensive coordinator position with the Buffalo Bills in 2004-2005. After 25th and 28th ranked finishes in total offence he was let go after Dick Jauron was installed as head coach. Although the total offence stats don’t look good, in the last 7 games of the 2004 NFL season, the Bills scored 24,41,33,37,42,38 and 37 points.

Tom worked under Lou Holtz at Notre Dame as a quarterbacks coach, Bill Cowher while holding the same position with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and now he has worked with Mike McCarthy and obviously has a Superbowl ring as well. So again, I’m not saying that we should certainly hire him, but I do think that we should interview Tom and hear his plans for how he would utilise the talent that we have here with the Jets.

Of all the coaches out there, I wouldn’t mind seeing Clements work with Mark Sanchez .

Tom Clements Coaching Resume

Coaching career

§ Notre Dame Fighting Irish (QB) (1992-1995)

§ New Orleans Saints (QB) (1997-1999)

§ Kansas City Chiefs (QB) (2000)

§ Pittsburgh Steelers (QB) (2001-2004)

§ Buffalo Bills (OC) (2004-2005)

§ Green Bay Packers (QB) (2006-present)