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Two Jets Say Santonio Holmes Quit During the Season

Manish Mehta says two Jets think Santonio Holmes quit on the team during the year.

Holmes, held without a catch for the first time in his career, had a heated discussion with teammates earlier in the second half, two players told the Daily News. They also felt that Holmes "quit" on the team based on his body language. When Holmes’ replacement, Patrick Turner, scored a 10-yard touchdown with 1:24 to go, Holmes sat alone on the bench, motionless.

I hate it when people who call out teammates in the press but don't put their name to it.

Nevertheless, the Jets do have a problem here. Holmes is going nowhere. The act of getting rid of him would eliminate the cap space the Jets have. Holmes has also shown he can be a positive piece on winning teams in the past. He clearly is a diva like many other receivers. What Rex Ryan did making him a captain clearly did not work. Somebody needs to lay down the law with Holmes and make it clear what will be tolerated.