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Miami Dolphins Interested in Mike Pettine for Head Coaching Job

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Manish Mehta tweets the news:

I've been told Dolphins have some level of interest in Jets Dcoordinator Mike Pettine for head coaching job. No interview scheduled yet

This is obviously not the coordinator many Jets fans hope would go. Pettine drew a bit of criticism this year as the defense underachieved to a degree. It was the least effective year for the defense in Rex Ryan's run and gave up some long drives at inopportune times as Pettine was reportedly given a more active role. I still like Pettine. He was one of the big reasons the team switched to more zone based coverage schemes and scaled back the blitzes in the Playoffs last year that worked really well. Just as important, Pettine as Rex's right hand man made sure Rex stuck with the plan when tempted to attack more. The defense stuck with it and was still a top ten unit this year despite all the issues. I think Pettine would be more appreciated if the offense was not so brutal and forced the defense to be virtually perfect week after week.