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Bart Scott on the Way Out?

Rod Boone begins speculation on the hot stove with a tweet about a linebacker who might be leaving town.

With no postseason, changes are coming for . Here's one: Source tells me Bart Scott won't be back next season.

This is interesting. I think linebacker is one spot the Jets probably need to get more athletic. We all know about how they struggle against tight ends. They arge paying David Harris big money to be the run stuffer at linebacker. As good as Bart is against the run, Harris' ideal partner would probably be strong in coverage. A linebacker who can cover is a necessity considering how the Patriots utilize Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. Scott has to leave the field against passing heavy teams.

The timing of this feels a bit odd, though. Getting rid of Scott would actually cost the team over $1 million in salary cap space. Maybe there is something going on behind the scenes.