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Dolphins Put the Jets Out of Their Misery

The 2011 New York Jets season is over. The Dolphins eliminated the Jets from Playoff contention today with a 19-17 victory over Gang Green. The Jets finished 8-8 and losers of their final three games. The story of the game was the story of the season. The defense was pretty good outside of one monumental Miami drive. Three awful Mark Sanchez interceptions, including one with the Jets driving for a potential go ahead score late in the fourth quarter led to 9 Miami points.

This was not exactly shocking. If you have watched the Jets all season, you knew this was not that good of a football team. In fact, the Jets lost three straight to close out the campaign against some mediocre competition. The offense was just too putrid for this team to have success. Brian Schottenheimer will almost assuredly will pay with his job. The question is whether Mark Sanchez will follow him out the door. It is a debate that will probably carry on for some time after this season. Considering the way he finished the year, the better question might be whether the Jets will be able to acquire a capable starter.

Leave your thoughts on this season below. The official recap will be up shortly.