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New York Jets at Miami Dolphins and Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Second Half Thread

The Jets lead the Dolphins 10-6 at the half. You have seen this script plenty. The defense is giving up very little. The offense is not only doing very little but also spotting the other team points. This week the Dolphins were set up for a long field goal just before the gun by an absolutely brutal Mark Sanchez interception where he did not elevate the ball over the line on a screen pass. Miami gets the football to start the second half.

Down in Houston, the news is not good. The Titans lead the Texans 13-10 at the half. T.J. Yates is out of the game for Houston. That means the Jets' Playoff hopes now lie with Jake Delhomme. This season is probably about to end very soon.

Leave your second half thoughts below for the two games. As always, no links to illegal streams are allowed. Don't ask for them. Don't post them. Don't even think about them.