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Mortensen: Offensive Staff Changes Likely Coming

Chris Mortensen of ESPN says the Jets are probably going to shake things up on their offensive coaching staff.

Unless the New York Jets make a miraculous run through the AFC playoffs, sources say the team will revamp the offensive coaching staff, despite an organizational philosophy of stability.


As Rex Ryan said this week, Scottenheimer may get a head coaching job, but if he doesn't, sources say the Jets will strongly consider Norv Turner and Josh McDaniels to replace him as coordinator if either is available.

Unless you were living under a rock, you are probably not going to be surprised to hear this. There are plenty of problems with this team, but I am not sure how anybody who watches on a consistent basis can argue that this team has been well coached offensively.

We will have plenty of time to discuss this moving forward. I can't say I'm thrilled about somebody leaking this with the team still alive, though.