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Week 17 Rooting Guide

You probably know the four other games that are important to the Jets today other than the one in Miami. As a refresher, though, here are the preferred results for the Jets.

Baltimore over Cincinnati

Houston over Tennessee

Kansas City over Denver

San Diego over Oakland

If the Jets do not win, they are eliminated no matter what happens elsewhere. If the Jets do beat the Dolphins, they need both the top two results and then either the third or the fourth. There are obviously a lot of different scenarios so I will not spell them out. Just take my word for it. If this does not happen, the Jets miss the Playoffs.

If the Jets get the desired results, they get the six seed in the AFC. The Jets and the Bengals would be tied at 9-7. The Jets would win the tiebreaker with a 7-5 conference record to Cincinnati's 6-6. The Titans would finish a game behind at 8-8. Either the Broncos or the Raiders would win the AFC West at either 9-7 or 8-8. The team that did not win the division would be a game behind the Jets at 8-8.