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Behind the Scenes With Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan at Pepsi Max Commercial Shoot

Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez shot a Pepsi Max commerical. We have some video of these two behind the scenes at the shoot.

Sanchez discusses preparing for the season and about how he prepares for games. He discusses some surprising items one can find in the New York Jets locker room.

Rex pushes Pepsi Max hard, showing his talents as a pitch man. He talks about the difference between acting and coaching. The way he operates in press conferences, one could be forgiven for not seeing much of a distinction between acting and the dealing with the New York media part of his job.

As one might imagine, Sanchez's interview has more straight laced diplomatic answers, while Rex tries his best to let his own distinct personalty shine through.

The two videos are embedded below. Enjoy watching the commercial as it presumably hits television screens to celebrated the start of a new season.