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Can Nick Mangold Win the Point of Attack Against Jay Ratliff?

Jay Ratliff is a unique nose tackle. He is undersized for the position at only 285 pounds. He uses a quick burst off the snap to gain leverage against centers. This athleticism makes him a very good pass rusher. In the run game, he is not as stout. Football Outsiders had Dallas as the 24th ranked defense in the league in yards per carry against their defensive line up the middle last season.

The Jets have the best rounded center in the game, Nick Mangold. Mangold can match Ratliff's quickness off the snap. He is also as strong as any center in the league. There is a chance he will be able to beat the undersized Ratliff on his own in the run game. When a nose tackle does not occupy a double team, it means the guards can hit the second level, and the run game is going to be successful.

I think the Jets have potential in this matchup. Mangold can counter everything Ratliff can do. I do not believe Ratliff can do everything Mangold can, though.