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Ticket Prices for Dallas Cowboys at New York Jets Week 1 Game and Beyond

As you might know, you can now get Jets tickets through GGN. Check out the toolbar at the top of the page. All the way to the right is "Tickets." Click on that, and you can see the options through our affiliate site TiqIQ, which has set things up. It provides you a listing of tickets available through numerous secondary ticket sites like EBay, Stubhub, and others all on the same page.

Here is a look at prices. As you might imagine, Jacksonville and Buffalo currently look like the easiest tickets. Prepare to spend heavily if you want a decent seat for a game against the Cowboys, Patriots, or Giants.


Tickets for Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys currently start at $77 a seat. There are over 3,500 available. If you are thinking of going, check it out. It is worth seeing exactly what your options are in case you decide you want to go.